Budget-friendly Trip to Corsica lsand

Leaving Bayonne

Day 1

My trip was set for the 28th of December which was on a Tuesday. I got my covid test the day before. I chose to travel using the bus and ferry since they were the most cost effective means.  

I took my bus ride on Tuesday evening to Toulon with one bus switch at Toulouse. This was an overnight bus (Flixbus) going for 36€. I enjoyed the ride, I was lucky enough on both buses to have the next seat empty providing me enough room to stretch and sleep. The bus was really warm which I really liked. I didn’t get to check out the washrooms however the internet was the worst in my opinion.

Apart from the guy who was loudly snoring, everyone had a problem sleeping; the rest of the drive was smooth.


Day 2

We got to Toulon close to 7 am, it was still dark outside so I decided to wait till there was light outside so as to start finding my way to the port. I left Toulon station close to 10am, by this time the information desk at the station was opened, so I was able to inquire how I’d get to the port.

The port wasn’t far from the station, like 4 stops and the bus trip was 1.40€. I was a bit disappointed that the port didn’t have like a waiting area hence was closed till evening when the ferry was set to depart. I actually bought my return ferry ticket on Black Friday where it was going for 65$ whereas on a normal day that would have been the price of a one way ticket or slightly more. I also figured this would be a good opportunity to experience the ferry on a long distance which in my opinion looks like a cruise ship.

Figuring out what to do for a whole day during trip intervals can be sometimes boring, especially when you don’t know anybody. I didn’t walk long before I found a nice place to sit just in front of the boats where the sun shone all day. I tried as much as possible not to use my phone because I didn’t have a place to charge so the novel I was reading came in handy. I think I also developed a skill in people watching 🙂

Musée d’Histoire de Toulon

I was disciplined enough not to finish all my snacks for the trip in the first hour and they served as my breakfast. Depending on your budget you can also have baguettes sandwiches which cost about 2-5€.

I decided to walk around and discovered Mayol Mall just opposite the port and so I found a washroom to freshen up. They may or may not charge the 50cts indicated but just have it to be safe.

There’s an open market too, where you can freely walk past. I did get to visit the museum on the same street, Musée d’Histoire de Toulon plus it’s free. All these are opposite the mall in case you’re worried of getting lost.

Leaving for Corsica Island 

The port gates finally opened and I could see people entering from where I sat. I made my way through security feeling really excited. Boarding started about 2 hours before departure. On leaving the waiting area is when I realized I didn’t have one of my sweatshirts with me so I rushed back to where I was but it was all empty. I tried asking around with no success. This was honestly disorienting in as much as I tried consoling myself. Luckily I still had enough items to keep me warm.

The temperature inside the ferry was warm too. I was at the top floor which had most of the restaurants, sitting area and a kid’s play zone. One could also bring their own food and snacks which I saw most families that had children do and it’s economical as well. I got myself a comfortable long seat for sleeping through the night. Some passengers found spots where they spread their mats, sleeping bags and slept comfortably. 

Depending on one’s budget, one could take a room for the night at 65$. There were like gazillions of them on the two bottom floors and much lower was the garage for people who were crossing over with their vehicles. The top most deck above me was the balcony, the swimming pool and bar area which was empty as it was night time, the wind was strong and the crew had earlier warned against staying there due to the strong tides.

I did fall asleep almost throughout the trip but I could feel the ferry moving. It was like a calm subtle wave. The other passengers sleeping close to me were quiet sleepers making the cruise even more comfortable.

Day 3

We arrived in Corsica some minutes past 6am. The disembarking was quiet straight forward. We left the ferry straight in to the waiting area. There was no paperwork needed. It was still dark outside but when it was time I enjoyed watching the sky turn orange as it welcomed the sun and for a little second forgot how worn out I was.

Here’s the link to the whole vlog, enjoy 🙂 https://www.addikahbelinda.com/2022/01/14/longest-budget-friendly-trip-to-corsica-island/

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  1. Sarah January 22, 2022 at 3:13 pm

    I’ve been travelling with you all day… from 2021 to today in a few hours! This is fun!! Thanks for documenting.

    1. Addikah Belinda January 23, 2022 at 7:38 pm

      Let’s continue travelling together, and hopefully do it physically too someday. Thank you reading!!


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