What’s Good Bayonne; leaving Kenya.

The islander is finally in mainland France!!

Train to Bordeaux

This will be my third year as a Language Assistant.  Incase you’d like to know more about the program/ job check the past links below, because I believe we’d all love to choose a place we’d like to travel to as well as work. Next year’s applications are not open ;



In as much as it’s my 3rd time, I’m still not accustomed or rather know everything. 

For starters I’ve never lived in France apart from just the few days of layover meaning it’s different from the islands and trust me I was asking questions about everything starting from what to carry and which train to use.

A few things have changed though since I last travelled. Allow me to update you. Incase you’ll be traveling to France soon, aside from the normal PCR test we’d take, here are a few things you’d want to put  into consideration.

Sanitary Pass 

There’s a new law concerning a Sanitary Pass.

All those vaccinated within the European Union, their vaccination certificates serve as their Sanitary Pass.

So incase you’re fully vaccinated outside the European Union, one would need to apply online for the pass. This is done to equate the non European Covid Vaccine Certificate to be valid in France. 

If one is not fully vaccinated the -ve covid test valid for 72hours serves as the Sanitary Pass.

Where is the Sanitary Pass needed?

 It is important to note that the pass is of great importance as it allows entry to the following places;

1. Eating in any restaurant 

2. Attending most of the concerts & festivals 

3. To be in movies, cinemas, clubs etc

4. Swimming pool & sports centre 

5. Libraries 

6. Long Distance transport 

7. Hotels, resorts and camps among other places 

PS: Testing covid has been free all over however in the past few months it changed as one would part with  44€ for every covid test unless advised otherwise. 

On arrival countries from the red zone need to quarantine for 14days while countries from the orange zone quarantine for 7days.

My trip was quite comfortable considering how my cramps in the morning were insisting on traveling with me that evening. But thank the universe there’s a God who listens to prayers and the medicine too played its part. However I just prepared myself with extra meds and sleeping pills too because you never know.

See the link below to see how I prepare myself for a flight when it’s that time of the month.


All this time though the luhya in me was worried of how I’d still be cramping and not be able to eat during my flight haha. Happy to report that I ate the yummy mukimo that was served as well as the chicken and fried fish my mum carried to the airport for me to eat before I left  :).

This time I was flying through Doha to France. By the time we got to Doha, my next flight was already boarding so it was a matter of rushing to find my next gate. Luckily the flights were also delayed by a few minutes. The odds were on my side, despite booking an aisle seat, I got the whole seat to myself, so I could enjoy the view outside the window as well as spread myself to sleep across the chair.

I got to France just after 7:00am and it was freezing. I needed to get a train to Bayonne which was 5hours. The trains if you’d ask me are expensive, over 100 euros, and the prices and dicounts also vary with age. The 12hr bus is also  another considerable option as it cuts down the costs. 

I got of at Bordeaux station to connect to Bayonne. I was met with nice warm air immediately the train doors opened. The southern part of France is warmer. I had a few hours to kill before my last train to Bayonne.

Catch up with the travelling vlog;


Never in my wildest thoughts did I see myself in Bordeaux but I’m excited for what awaits and rumour has it that it’s the wine capital of the world!!

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