Must do things in Reunion Island; Zero / Low Budget #BucketList #1

Being a tourist in the island is one of the most fulfilling activities I’ve got to do. Most of the activities are low to no budget since like Guadeloupe Island, most places don’t charge entry fee. The beautiful beaches aren’t privatized so you can go whenever, so are the mountains.

Let’s go to the Beach…

The weather is most of the time nice and warm making the beach an easy option to go to. I’m happy to announce that most of the beaches I’ve been to are accessible by public transport – bus and the Rèunipass comes in handy since you’ll be going to different towns whose buses accept the Réunipass card.

The first beach I ever went to was Grande Anse, towards the south of the island actually most beaches are found as you head towards the West Side of the island. Unfortunately this one isn’t accessible by public transport; you can always find a friend to drive you there 🙂

Plage de Saint Leu is accessible by bus. It’s like a 3 minute walk from the bus stop.  It has lovely restaurants that serve delicious Creole meals.

Saint Gilles has beautiful blue-water beaches. I have been to two. All, few steps away from the bus stop. 

Roche Noires beach has a nice bridge nearby where you can also take nice pictures.

A new activity that I actually did was camping at the L’Hermitage beach. It was a fun night, warm, no mosquitoes. You actually don’t even need a permit, just come and pitch your tent or hammock in the evening and sleep away as you listen to the waves. It’s also very safe so no need to worry.

You can also carry your snorkeling apparatus to enjoy seeing the ocean world. 

L’étang Salé has a wonderful black sand beach, though most water activities don’t go on here, it’s a great place for some walking and running exercises.

Stroll around town, do some window shopping – there are also nice good views around St. Paul where you could just sit by the benches and enjoy watching the waves close to Vapiano restaurant. I’ve seen people at night having dinner too – the picnic way. 


Salazie – this is the mountainous region with wonderful green vegetation and waterfalls. You actually drive into the clouds. Depending on the day you’re going in case you’re using public transport you might want to check if the buses run on that day especially if it’s a weekend. 

Niagara Fall in Sainte Suzanne- is a nice chill spot and good for really nice pictures. You’d need a personal car for this.

Bassin Cormoran – This is a beautiful waterfall found towards the South of the island in St. Gilles. It has fresh cold water. It’s accessible by bus plus there are open restaurants close by Incase you want to eat after. 

I really loved the blue waters at the waterfall.

Here’s the vlog’s link in case you missed

Piton de la Fournaise

The Volcano – there is a whole blog post and vlog about it. One of my most precious moments on the island

Maïdo takes away the crown for the most mind blowing views I have ever seen on the island. Located above the city of St. Paul, this is a volcanic peak and overlooks the Cirque de Mafate. It is accessible by bus; however there are only 2 buses that go there in a day, early morning at around 6am and in the afternoon after 2pm.

It’s a few minutes’ walk to the main viewpoint. The best time to get there is in the morning before the clouds cover the scenery. Don’t miss out on the vlog too ;

Main view point at Maïdo

Dress warmly as it gets really cold out there; feel free to carry some packed lunch and snacks whether you choose to do the long or short hike.

Other cool spots;

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  1. Chisaka July 1, 2021 at 6:25 pm

    Wow. So educative.. Salazie my ideal

  2. Sarah January 22, 2022 at 2:52 pm

    The beauty her! I’m obsessed with these pictures!


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