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The markets on the island have a great cultural significance which makes it a natural tourist attraction. I can honestly say I wasn’t initially intrigued by it and wasn’t getting the whole hype each time someone would mention to me that I should check out the market. However, the one time I just decided to pass by , I ended up walking round the whole market and making a mental note of the things I was coming back to buy.

I live in Ste. Clotilde and fortunate for me I am only 2 bus stops away from Chaudron Market which runs on Wednesday and Sunday from 6.00am to 1pm.

Petit Marché is another close one that runs every single day.

The other one that I decided to check out is Marchés des Camélias where I found really nice and delicious dried fruits. The vendor was also kind enough to let us taste his garlic which he had soaked for three weeks in white vinegar, water and salt. I don’t think I have ever tasted anything close to that. It was very tasty, and had no taste of garlic; you can actually eat it as a snack. While at it, don’t deny yourself the tempting samosas and other small biting.

Link down below to see how it went down.

You can find lots if not all fresh products from the market.  Shopping at the market is very inviting because the products are cheaper and even more in terms of quantity as compared to the supermarkets. One of the lady’s was selling to us fresh fish at 15€ whereas the same would go for 22 € at the supermarket.

Some markets also depending with the days have local crafts like baskets, African attires even drums among other interesting souvenirs.

The vendors are very welcoming. Just at the entrance I bought sunglasses that I had not even planned on buying because of how friendly the guy was. We were 3 of us and he sold 3 quality sunglasses to us for 20€, on a normal day one would go for 26€

Even with the curfew and all the market still runs even when it rains. There’s just a different vibe when you are there. Someone will be playing loud local music while another at the far end is playing their drums. I also like how clean it is; during off market days one cannot even imagine how busy the place can be. It’s quiet and serves as a parking lot.

These are some of the markets you could find on the different parts of the island. A vendor in Chaudron told us St Pierre has one of the most beautiful markets that run on Saturday. There’s only one way to find out…


Chaudron Market – Wed n Sunday 6am-1pm

Marché des Camélia

Marché des Camélia – Friday mornings

Ste Marie – Saturdays


Marché Forain de St Pierre – Saturday mornings

Marché forain de l’Etang-Salé les Bains – Sunday mornings


Marché in St Benoit – Saturday mornings

Saint-André – Friday mornings

Petit Marché


Le Port – Wednesday and Friday mornings

La Possession – Saturday morning

St Paul – all day Friday and Saturday mornings

St Gilles – Wednesday mornings

Les Avirons – Saturday mornings

St Leu – Saturday mornings

L-hermitage – Sunday mornings

Route de théatres St Gilles – Sunday mornings

Marché bio de l’éperon – Saturday mornings

In case you missed it; here’s the link to my market day spree vlog;

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  1. ben greenland October 26, 2021 at 9:45 am

    Hi Belinda,
    Thanks so much for taking the time to write and produce your blog. I have enjoyed learning about the reunion islands. Could you tell me the name of the piece of music used in your market tour video @ 3.50 mins. I am the artistic director of a new Global Radio station called ‘millicent’. I am responsible for the collection of audio culture from every country in the world. We then use an AI production engine to mix it all together. I would love to add more music, poetry and storytelling from the Reunion Islands. It would be lovely to connect with you with this in mind. Kind regards ben greenlnad

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