My Weekly-work Schedule; Guadeloupe

I decided to do a weekly work schedule as opposed to one day, since I work in three different schools, Collège Fontaine Bouillante (school A), Collège Courbaril (school B) and Lycée Polyvalent de Pointe Noire (school C), and all have different schedules.

We are currently in our second term hence my working pattern is kind of predictable. I have weekends off and Monday too, couldn’t be any happier. Just a reminder, I work 12hrs a week, meaning I work 4hours in each school.

Without further ado, my week starts on,

Tuesday (School C)

I wake up at 7am, if I push it too far its 7.15am, hop into the shower and start the day. I am usually dressed up by about 8am or slightly before and in between also have time for my devotion.

I am not a tea person plus the hot weather does not even allow me to have anything hot for breakfast. Once I am done with breakfast it is almost 8.30am, so I head out. I live up a steep hill/mountain ish so I need to walk down about 1km to the bus stop. The transport here is just a mess, gives me headache (story for another day) hence I usually give myself enough time (about 2hrs to when I am supposed to be in school) to wait for the bus because one never knows when it’s coming. I sort of now know how to time it.

So I put on my tevas, yes guys I have shoes for hiking down and up this hill, lest I spoil my shoes, and I switch them later to my shoes for the day. It takes me about 20 to 15 minutes to hike down and I usually use this time to have my quiet time (QT), I enjoy praying my rosary or the novena as I admire the landscape. I have now gotten used to the walking and my body is not sore as in the beginning. I couldn’t imagine myself doing all that walking.

We’re still at Tuesday haha, so I get down slightly before 9am and this is good time as the bus comes around this time. The bus ride is usually about 20minutes hence I am in school in time for my first class at 10-11am. After this I am free until 1.30pm. So I head out for lunch, I get take away and eat from school. The staffrooms have fridges and microwaves hehe even tea. One thing though that disappointed me is teachers do not get free lunch, I remember while in high school teachers used to be cooked for some nice food. I also use this time to ask the teacher in charge if there’s anything extra I need to do before class. I have 2 more classes and I am done by 3.30pm.

On good days I get dropped home by my neighbor or I have to wait for the bus for almost 2hrs. I see most students hitching rides which are common for people here but I haven’t and don’t think will gather up enough courage for it. The hike up from the stage is the worst; I get home drenched in sweat and just head straight to the shower.

Wednesday (School A)

I wake up at 6am, get everything done by 6.45. I live with a colleague from School A, so we normally leave the house together (free ride 🙂 ). I carry snack for break since there’s usually no appetite to have breakfast that early. I start class at 7am and have them back to back till noon with an hour break somewhere in there. So I have all my 4 classes (4hrs) in the morning and have the rest of the day free allowing me time to myself and also prepare for the next day.

 Thursday (School B)

Aaah I dread Thursdays since it’s the day I have to wake up earliest, at 5am. I am ready for the day by 5.45am allowing me time to have some breakfast and carry something for break before my colleague drops me off at the stage as she drops off her son at 6am. Luckily I have a colleague from School B who lives in the neighborhood so she picks me up. I have all my 4 classes (4hrs) from 7am till about half past noon with an hour break somewhere inside there. This is also my good day as I get dropped home too after school having the afternoon off to just rest, catch up on some stuff and prepare for my last class of the week on Friday.

Friday (School C)

I just have one class from 11am-12noon. I will wake up around 8am – 8.15, prepare myself and even have time for breakfast as I catch up on things on social media. This is also hike day so I have my tevas on and my extra pair of shoes in my bag and also have my QT as well. I leave the house around 9.30am, on this day the bus too comes at its own time, but I have allowed myself a great amount of time to wait for it.

I get to school on time for my class and after if it’s my lucky day I am dropped home, or else I will wait for the bus till God knows when. Most of the time when I alight at the bus stop, just before switching shoes for the hike, I get snacks for the journey plus I also have time for another QT as I just revere in the moment but once I get to the house, me and all that sweat head to the shower.

Side Note: French system start classes at 7am but I do not start at 7am every day.

I have alarms for the stated times on all these days, my lazy self cannot wake up any earlier      haha for what?! Sleep is good for the soul.

The Collége is like the equivalent of primary school in Kenya and Lycée is High school, so my students range from 10-18yrs old and I live in Bouillante.

(I will talk more about school in another post)

Happy new month 🙂

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  1. Ivonne Garcia Lima February 1, 2020 at 4:00 pm

    Hi! First of all sorry if my english is not good (I speak Spanish and english is my second language) I’ve read your posts about your journey from Kenya until Guadoulupe islands and I loved the way you write and wow I could imagine all the things you have lived I really admire you, one of my biggest fears were living at an island, (I don’t like hot weather haha) and also before I go to work I usually pray for my day. Congrats and keep go in!!

    1. Belinda Addikah February 1, 2020 at 8:29 pm

      Ola Ivonne!! I totally understand your english and your comment has warmed my heart. I am happy that you enjoy and have followed through in all my escapades 🙂 Mucho Gracias (my small spanish)

  2. giantslayer101 February 1, 2020 at 8:14 pm

    Such a hard worker 🙈🙌.. Also, eh, thanks for showing this to us… Quite interesting…
    Now I understand you better 😅
    But this was really nice.. the narration is great. Keep it up 💃

    1. Belinda Addikah February 1, 2020 at 8:23 pm

      Thank you for noticing the tu small things…so humbled. Hahahha now you understand me heheh

  3. lifesharmony7 February 2, 2020 at 10:42 am

    Weeeh… Inakaa hectic.. But this is you 🔥🔥also to long weekends eeii lucky are though… Last but not least.. QT aaaaaww😍😍.. I just love the fact that every day.. There is time for Jesus.

    1. Belinda Addikah February 2, 2020 at 5:18 pm

      Each day in as much kunaeza kua na makasiriko mob, is an opportunity to learn and experience God, I love especially when in the middle or at the end of a long day I see the rainbow :-)…thank you gyaldem for the love and support

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