My Life Hacks – Guadeloupe

As we are entering the New Year, where we start with a lot of budgeting, I thought it would be a good idea to share a few tips/hacks that worked for me as I was moving and settling in Guadeloupe, especially before the first paycheck. It is now 3 months since my arrival hence enough period to have seen whether some of my choices worked. This can also help anyone looking to participate in this program.


This was one of the difficult and sort of stressful things to deal with. As I had said earlier on my previous post << >> that none of my 3 schools offered accommodation. My other option was to stay with a host family though I had really wanted to have my own place and all but my circumstances at the moment couldn’t allow. So I opted for the latter as it was friendly for my pockets especially after I had to incur an extra cost that was not planned for, all the details are on the link << >>. Being hosted also helps to get the gist of how things flow and also cuts down on some costs hence putting the money into other use or better yet save it however small it maybe.

Carrying foodstuff

Anyone who knows me knows that one of my starter packs whenever I’m traveling is food. I carry maize flour for my ugali, uji mix for my porridge, my mother’s groundnuts, Kenyan tea (majani), spices like kina royco – things that will cost me an arm and leg to find wherever I am going. Over the years I have found that carrying foodstuff from home has helped me have a base. Most times especially with a sensitive stomach, foods from new places might not go well with our bellies plus it saved me a lot too as I didn’t have to buy any necessities for over a month. Plus cooking some home food once in a while is just good for the soul.

In addition, I carried toiletries I had like 100ml of everything, body oil, toothpaste name it. Thing is I never want to gamble, that I will buy stuff on the other side, some of the items I brought in twos but in the small portions of 100ml, putting into consideration my luggage limit. Trust me 3 months down and I haven’t bought stuff like toothpaste, body oil and since its too hot in Guadeloupe I don’t need body oil that much ha-ha, I’m never ashy as a matter of fact my skin is glowing!

PS:  Naturalistas and anyone who does their own hair carry your own hair products I was happy I did, because I found them quite expensive in Guadeloupe, happy too that I carried braids that will last my stay. I am a big economist. However, as time went by I started budgeting for them.


This is about my first day in Paris. I had to do an airport transfer, from Charles de Gaulle Airport to Orly airport that was an hour ish away. I did not know where anything was so my best option would have been to take a taxi. Timing was also of the essence too as I had a flight to catch. The taxi was almost 88-100 Euros as opposed to the bus which costed 22 Euros. I decided (kama mbaya mbaya), to take the bus, it was a hustle but I am glad I made that decision. I made it early for my flight too 🙂

Spend according to your budget to avoid financial stress.

My dad’s financial advice

  •  Do not plan for money you do not have, do not spend to please other people.
  • Save, however small you think the money is.

Happy New Decade ; Happy New Year and Happy January 🙂

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  1. giantslayer101 January 8, 2020 at 9:38 am

    Nice… Thanks for the tips.. 😅😅For when I take my trip to Canada 😉


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