The Fun, The Food and The Tan Line -Rehoboth Beach

Pictures by : Haleem The Dream

Recess trips in school (university/college) always meant an opportunity to go to the beach. The breath taking sunsets and sunrise were always the icing on the cake!

Summer would not have been a complete summer without going to the beach. This was also a chance to get the best pictures for social media 😉 . Rehoboth Beach  located in

Delaware was calling!! It took us about 2hrs to get to the Atlantic Coast town.

The weather was great, not too hot and not cloudly, just the good sun for the perfect sunkissed pictures. Back home ,Kenya, like I said we would go to the beach to take pictures, swim in the ocean, collect shells, buy the nice African attires, buy coastal food and all. Also most of the time is spent running away from the beach boys hahaha, most if not all people visiting the coastal region have had escapades with these boys.

For my American-Ireland friends this was their time to lie down and roast in the sun. Everyone  had come to the beach to get a tan. I really do not understand the Whites (not being racist) with their fascination of getting a tan line. Funny thing, the whole beach was full of people just lying under the sun to get the tan line #CultureShock.WhatsApp Image 2018-08-05 at 06.13.13 Haleem (Kenyan) and I spent this time throwing sand at each other, taking clips and  pictures. I slept at some point.

I was fascinated by the broad walk that had the several eating joints. Their version of chipo mwitu was way too fancy but delicious too. WhatsApp Image 2018-08-05 at 06.13.12One other cool thing was the  various outlets not necessarily because we were buying stuff, but as Megan would put it, the outlets was more of the social aspect than the shopping. WhatsApp Image 2018-08-05 at 06.13.12(1)The experience with the friends we went with and getting to see how things are like where we ate. All six of us just walked to Applebee’s to sit and watch Haleem eat, hahah. It was a great bonding time. Megan and Laureen got to learn how to say ‘buda wacha ushamba’. A great bonus especially for the International tourists was the no tax on goods bought  (the taxing on goods in the US is really annoying as the prices are not the exact prices you pay at the counter) and the great discount that came with them.

Honestly going out to eat was the most memorable part of that trip – Megan. I am not the only foodie around 😉

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