It was so much fun putting this piece together. I would not have done without assistance from a very good writer and  friend, Betty Mitei. Enjoy!!!!

The Annual Regional Training took place in Musana Camps, Uganda from 5th– 10th September 2016.Musana Camp is located 80 km from Kampala and at the shores of the magnificent Lake Victoria. Bruce Dunning, the author of the book God of Adventure was the main trainer for the week with the main objective being to explore how God teaches us through adventure and calls us to be the same.


In attendance, were seventy nine people from Kenya and others from the United States of America, Uganda, DRC, Rwanda, Tanzania, South Sudan, Burundi and Ethiopia; all age groups represented as well. Doulos, which I am a proud member, is a Christian ministry whose main objective is to spread Christ through outdoor activities was able to send fifteen members to Uganda.

“The host, Mr. Syd Walker, his family and Musana team were very hospitable, not forgetting the meals which were mouth-watering and finger licking,” said Junias aka Peru

Canoeing and swimming in Lake Victoria, low ropes courses, hiking and abseiling including community outreach at the fishing village near the campsite were the great afternoon activities that we engaged in. The afternoon sessions did it for me not forgetting  the meal times.


Huh! I think the amount of cake I ate that week was more than I have ever had in my entire life. Need I say how sweet they were and how we always had them for dessert?

The climax for the week was on Thursday. On that hot afternoon we set to go out for the community outreach at the fishing village that was near the camp site. Being able to share the Gospel and see lives being transformed or just the curiosity of the villagers to want to know more about God was touching. The children were very social and so happy despite their state. (The families were not well off).  The love I saw them share was just immense. They did not seem worried as long as they had each other. For me this was a great learning point.

We have so much, actually more than we need yet we always worry about things the small things in life that do not matter.

As the Annual Training drew to a close people found it really hard to say “goodbye” because of the new memories made. There was fear of the unknown future as we did not know if we would meet again but the most important thing was that individuals experienced the God of Adventure!


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