The Spirit of Christmas.

It’s no surprise that most of us tend to have the less fortunate at heart mostly during the festive seasons. As much as the thought counts, do we ever take a moment and ask ourselves one question,’How do these special people survive all year through?’ rarely I suppose.
“To pound the heart of all mankind.” Brief yet intense. These well thought words summarize the aim of Milal Heart Foundation. The president and founder Mr. Jeong Jae Lee had it in his heart a vision to give heart complication victims a lifetime gift.Patients from different walks of life have had a chance to enjoy the beauty that life has to offer.
We need not be rich in order to help. The organisation was founded in South Korea in the year 1987. With kind hearts to help, Mr. Lee managed to organize a couple of charity concerts that funded the successful heart surgery of his first patients. Progressively he has, built up on his vision. His hard work bore fruits as different governments began to recognize his noble acts and gave out their donations. Africa was not left behind either; Egypt, Nigeria and Tanzania can proudly share and celebrate the effort put by the Milal team to help the patients in their countries. I was fortunate to meet Mr. Lee and interact with him. We visited some of the patients who had just had heart surgery. Most of whom were toddlers. The smile on their faces brought tears to my eyes. All this joy and blessing brought after saving lives was this man’s greatest wealth. I took a glance at him, his calm and peaceful face showed content with what he had accomplished. He is proud of what he started. I admire the fact that one of is patients from Vietnam is already acquired her PhD. He saw in her a life and a bright future in the fragile heart she had. He not only aims at heart surgeries but opens doors to quality education and shelter.
Asked why he does this, “This is not a road I have walked before. It is not a road I decided to take because I had someone to trust. This is a road I took because of my passion to save patients and it has led me to work beyond boundaries of my country. I want to spread the love that I have in me.” He looks forward to a day when the 2800 patients who’ve been healed alongside other heart patients of the world can live their lives to its fullest.
A true Christmas Spirit!
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