Culture Shock Part One…

Upon approval of my papers and other requirements, the great journey started.

My first journey to the embassy was easy as my father drove me there. The second time, I got home, found all my documents ready but my dad was not dressed up. The next thing I hear is, “This is your bus fare, make sure you get there on time.” So this is how being independent starts. Why wasn’t I given a memo??!! Fortunately all went well despite the confusion in the morning.

Generally my luggage was meant to be 30kg. What happened between my home and the airport is still a mystery as when my luggage was weighed it was 40kg!!!!!! I remembered what my father had told me earlier, “Most of what you are carrying will be removed at the airport because it will be excess.” Thank God they allowed my aunt past the security check. I was almost having a nervous breakdown. The person at the announcement table kept repeating..”The passengers on flight number……please proceed to Gate 7 to finally board your plane.” Yet I had not reduced the stuff in my luggage. I was so confused, I still cannot remember what exactly I removed to make the final weight of my luggage be 29.2kg.

After settling down on the plane, I saw my friend’s plane just landing not far from where mine was. I thought I would see her at least before I boarded but I guess that was goodbye for us. And what would annoy a Luhya more than seeing roasted chicken put on the menu but not on a plate?cultureShock-750x420

Sadly it got finished moments before I was served. Need I say that I felt as if I was in a matatu especially the ones that head to Kayole,no pun intended, when the plane was taking off? Haha I just held on to my seat and closed my eyes…

Catch me on the part two of my hilarious culture shock!

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