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Paragliding in St Leu!!

Adventures of the Island!

Traditional Markets in Reunion Island | The Hype

The vendors are very welcoming. Just at the entrance I bought sunglasses that I had not even planned on buying because of how friendly the guy was. We were 3 of us and he sold 3 quality sunglasses to us for 20€, on a normal day one would go for 26€

Swimming at the WaterFall in St. Gilles

Things to do in Reunion Island...

Market Day in Reunion Island

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GajBpNZ7IzE&t=5s Thank you for watching!!

I locked a LOVE Padlock next to Eiffel Tower


My Weekly-Work Schedule in the Island

It’s about a month and some weeks since I started working and I am very excited that we’re just 18 days to the big...

Salut La Réunion!!

My contract got renewed!! How good is that :)? The one thing I really like about the language assistant program is you get to choose...

Travelling during the Global Pandemic – (the trip)

The Trip The taxi arrived early and off we headed to the airport. At the airport most of the entrances are closed, even in the elevator...

Travelling during the Global Pandemic (preparation)

This is a journal of my preparation leading to the Kenya Airways (KQ) Charter flight Paris - Nairobi for July 8th Thursday June 25th This is...

Things to do in Guadeloupe

This is very straight forward so I will get started. Guadeloupe is an island so anything and everything water goes. I will include stuff...