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Failed Attempt to Watch Dolphins | Rants & Tips

https://youtu.be/n9Dz6UIorOw The Good, Bad and Ugly of Island Life!

6HOURS – Hiking Cirque de Mafate

Another day Another Adventure in the Island

Traditional Markets in Reunion Island | The Hype

The vendors are very welcoming. Just at the entrance I bought sunglasses that I had not even planned on buying because of how friendly the guy was. We were 3 of us and he sold 3 quality sunglasses to us for 20€, on a normal day one would go for 26€

Travelling during the Global Pandemic (preparation)

This is a journal of my preparation leading to the Kenya Airways (KQ) Charter flight Paris - Nairobi for July 8th Thursday June 25th This is...

My Life Hacks – Guadeloupe

As we are entering the New Year, where we start with a lot of budgeting, I thought it would be a good idea to...